Miloopa History

Miloopa was founded in Wroclaw in 2001. The band has been associated with jazz clubs, mixing different musical genres, since its inception. The Wagon club in Wroclaw was the place where the band’s beginnings were made. Six months later, musicians from different parts of Poland met and formed a band. Miloopa released her debut demo. The band was formed in the first phase. In that time, the composition of the group changed. Rafal Smolen, the trumpeter, left and Michal Muszynski took over as drummer.

The band performed at the Polish Jazz Festival’s inaugural concert in Stockholm. Urszula Dziak and Michal Urbaniak also performed. Miloopa was a support act for Bahamadia, Russian Percussion Group and DJ Vadim. She also performed at the Aspect of Valor 2003, Globalbeat 2004 and Olomouc Vysechrad Festival [1], Creamfields[1], De La Musique Luxembourg[1], Be2gether[1], United Islands Prague[1], Be2gether[1], Be2gether]], United Islands Prague[1], Open’er Festival[1], Green Valley[1], Summer of Music[1], and the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Luxembourg [1].

The band embarked on a tour of digital culture live 2004 with JoJo Mayer, a Swiss drummer, and Nerve, based in New York. Shortly thereafter, Andrzej Zzajewski, keyboard player, left the band. Miloop did a similar tour as part of the European Music Confrontations with the Beanfield group in March 2005.

Miloopa began working with Rola Mosimann in Switzerland, where she recorded for Faith No More and The Young Gods. Unicode was the result of this collaboration. The album also featured guest appearances from Tom Fronza on didgeridoo and Ganesh Anandan on drums, as well as Roli Mosimann. Independent agency Gig Ant, Wroclaw was founded by Miloopy Radek Bond Bednarz [1] to release the album.

Przemek Gibki replaced Wojtek Orszewski as guitarist in 2010. Roli Mosimann, Radek “Bond” Bednarz and Radek “Bond” Bednarz released the third Miloopy album Optica on November 26th 2011. The album featured guests Eivind Aarset, a Norwegian guitarist, and Antipop Consortium from Britain. Gig Ant Promotion published Optica.

The video “Get Ready”, which announced the jubilee album by VERKE, was released on February 15, 2016. Lech Janerka was a guest star in the film’s cast. On the 15th anniversary of Miloopy’s founding, the new Miloopy album was released. Wroclaw Industrial Park and Dozamel are the main partners in the project. The international artistic platform Eklektik Session is also involved. A new music video, “Funeral Blues”, was produced partly at the National Forum of Music Wroclaw on the day of VERKE’s premiere.

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