Miloop’s fourth album, “Verke”

Miloop’s fourth album, “Verke”, is now available. Although he was not available for five years, it was a good experience for all of us, as everyone was working on other projects simultaneously. The most important thing today is that they provided another piece of music to their fans on the occasion of his birthday. This will be more than just a celebration soundtrack.

I was shocked to see that Miloopy was celebrating its 15th anniversary. I thought there might be a typo. This was the same reaction as when an older aunt saw a younger relative at a party. Perhaps I was not thinking of the slogans “but I’ve grown big” or “what’s a handsome bachelor”, but I thought it was something like “but time flies fast.”

It was well worth the wait. Miloop’s fourth album is a clear indication that he follows his lead. We are again dealing with a variety of sounds from different areas and styles. However, I miss the jazzy sounds that were on the first two albums, “Nutrition Facts”, and “Unicode”. Electronics were clearly prominent on the album “Optica”, five years ago. Now they play the first violin. It is not the violin, but keyboards and strong rhythm sections based on drums and bass that rule this music. Natalia Lubrano’s wonderful voice, which is a great contrast to electronic sounds, is also a plus.

It is evident that the band continues to use all of its sonic tools – 8 songs total on “Verke” are examples. You can also find songs that have a song character, such as “Get ready” and “Metafizyka”, both of which could be easily listened to on radio. The album is still very cohesive stylistically. It would be difficult to separate the album into its prime elements and to place specific pieces in the right drawer. There is no such need.

Miloopa enjoys musical experimentation, as well as collaboration with great musicians. You can hear Milosz Rutkowski, the drummer of National Forum of Music, and Claudio Puntini, the Swiss clarinetist. Radek Bednarz (aka “Bond”) and Roli Mozimann, a well-known producer, produced the album. Bjork and Faith No More, who previously produced the album of Wroclaw residents.

We are already working together so I can’t fail to mention Lech Janerka who played an unusual role in the video for “Get Ready”. This clip was shot at Wroclaw Industrial Park. Miloopy’s musicians had met Janerka ten years earlier and even took over his rehearsal space.

Manuel Hudson

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